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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

If I Should Die

If I Should Die (Die for Me #3)


3.5 stars

405 pages

Published May 7, 2013, by HarperTeen

A satisfying, if predictable, ending to a well-done trilogy.

Classic themes of redemption and good conquering evil encapsulated in good writing and a sweet love story. And some awesome mortal combat! What could be better?

The reason for the 3.5 stars is because the Champion could have been more Champion-y. Better, stronger, more powers, etc. But the champion, when it shows up, is just like any other revenant, except for some pumped-up "perception," which is cool, but just not enough. I wanted a super superhero!

There were some loose ends, too, that were not tied up at the end. Some characters were left with unresolved stuff.

Also, I dropped stars for teen sex. Teens have enough to worry about in this era. They don't need to be thinking sex is all OK, then getting pregnant.

Now I'll remove myself from my moral soapbox.

I am glad that I read this trilogy. It was satisfying and original and had all the elements of a good YA book. I can recommend!

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