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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Beautiful Darkness

Beautiful Darkness (Caster Chronicles #2)


3 stars

503 pages
Published Oct. 12, 2010 by Little, Brown and Company

The second book in the "Beautiful Creatures" series was ... well, gothic, dark, depressing, sad and at time really confusing. But it was also pretty thick on plot and character development - yay! I thought it was well done, mostly. There were problems with a few things: 1) Pacing was molasses at times, especially at the beginning. I almost quit the book 40 pages in, I was so bored. There's only so much self-loathing I can take from a character. 2) The book was so flippin' looooong. I mean, 500 pages?? The book definitely could have used an editor who ain't shy with her "delete" key.
That being said, it wasn't unreadable. It WAS entertaining and clever; it just wasn't a stay-up-all-night page-turner.
Some new baddies are introduced in this book - ones with strange superpowers and abilities that defy "the order of things." And that helped move things along.
I wonder if I'll read Number 3. I've actually got it already. Let's see if it grabs me.


  1. I liked the first book in this series but it just took me a long time to read. I'm intimidated by the length of the rest of the books in the series. I'm afraid they're gonna be like Eldest.

    1. I absolutely agree that it would stink to invest so much time in this series and have it end less than stellar. I HOPE it ends well! :)