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Monday, November 3, 2014

Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life

Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life (Dork Diaries #1)


This book was a stretch. None of this would actually happen in a normal middle school. A normal 14-year-old girl would not focus this much on popularity.

Nikki, the main character, is pretty spoiled. Nikki’s little sister, Brianna, is the girl that was supposed to be a pampered brat. Oh yes, she certainly was. I have noticed that in this book, everything is totally exaggerated. So Brianna is treated like an adorable kitten. Her parents think everything she does is so cute. The problem is that when Brianna makes a mistake, like spitting food in a fish tank, she is never corrected. Nikki has to clean up after her, not what a normal sister would do. If I was Nikki, and, say, Brianna spit her food in the fish tank, I would not fish it out immediately, I would bring her down and show her what a mess she made. It’s so sad that Nikki hates her sister.

Mackenzie, on the other hand, is even more spoiled. She is just so… glittery. She’s so glittery it’s unnatural, and gross. Normal girls her age, even popular and rich girls, would not be this way. Where are her parents when she is strutting through the halls like she’s at a fashion show? No parent would approve of her having gazillion designer purses! If Mackenzie were real, she would be broke. No matter how rich she was to begin with. The whole “CCP” thing is just something the author probably made up at the last minute. I read the part about Mackenzie keeping Nikki out of her locker, and it’s completely uncalled for. 14-year-old girls don’t do that. No one would do that!  It also doesn’t make sense that the teachers and the parents in the book have no idea what’s going on.

No one in the book acts the way a normal person would. Nikki doesn’t do anything when Mackenzie is being so terrible to her. What bugs me is that instead of talking to a real person, like her mom or dad, Nikki is constantly whining to her diary about how horrible her life is. Someone needs to tell her that it could be worse. She has friends, she has her own room, and she is talented.

What’s the deal about Nikki’s parents pulling her out of school to go to a funeral for someone they didn’t even know? I also hate the part in the beginning of the book when Nikki says she thinks that it’s better to tell your secrets to the world rather than write them in a diary.  I just hate it when Nikki calls her mom “brain dead” when she gives her a diary. Personally, I keep a diary, and I think it has helped me a lot. The author should not have put the part about Nikki starting off as a diary hater, and the next day turning into a full scale, 4-page-a-day writer.

Nikki is not a good role model for girls. The whole cell phone thing is just dumb. I know I wanted a cell phone once, and my mom sat down and told me why not having a cell phone is better than having one. Someone needs to tell Nikki to let the dream die. The whole book is just drama, drama, and drama.

Nikki also has a computer in her room. I am totally against her ordering things online without her parents knowing. Who in their right mind would order a payphone off eBay and put it in their locker?
 The only thing I liked about this book was the art. Although it is not something a 14-year-old would draw, it is amazing.

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