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Monday, November 10, 2014

Skating Sensation

Skating Sensation (Dork Diaries #4)


1 star

288 pages
Published June 7, 2012 by Simon & Schuster UK

This is the 2nd review my daughter has written. Also, she wrote this all on her own with no help from me. The thoughts are all hers.

There are too many smiley faces and exclamation marks in this book, and way too many “OMGs.” I know this is the age of cell phones and texting, but this is a book! I don’t want to read someone’s texts. It’s sheer luck when Nikki gets into the ice skating show.  If you want to perfect something, you always practice, not try to find a way out of it. Nikki’s friends pretty much forced her to get in the show, and she wanted to stay in it, and she kept finding a way to hide the fact that she couldn't skate.
Why does the author call it Dork Diaries? These girls are NOT dorks. They are dressed really nice, and Nikki always seems to have a different pair of boots on every day. Plus, their skating outfits are amazing!
I also am very against the part when Nikki keeps bugging her parents to get her a really expensive iPhone. Then she finally gets it. This is teaching girls that if they keep asking and begging for something illogical for them to have, they will get it anyway. This cell phone causes a lot of problems later in the books. Nikki says that she would pluck out her eye with a dirty spatula rather than read Moby Dick. Moby Dick may be a little boring in different parts of the book, but it is a pretty good story. Instead of making a list of things she’d rather do, why doesn’t she just get it over with?
 Why did the owner of Fuzzy Friends (Brandon’s grandma) let Nikki skate for the shop and not Mackenzie? Mackenzie did ask first. I also hate that Nikki says she found out about Brandon’s family by accident, she really peers over bathroom stalls and fence completely on purpose. Chloe and Zoey are so nice to Nikki and give her things, but Nikki gives them nothing in return. Chloe and Zoey still hang out with Nikki anyway.
Mackenzie locks Nikki, Chloe and Zoey in a closet in the skating arena to die! This has gone too far! 14-year-olds don’t attempt murder! Nikki is still freaking out about whether or not Brandon likes her. Brandon flat out told Nikki he likes spending time with her! At the end, they all get away with everything because of some crazy miracle. The end is happily ever after for everyone, again.

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