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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Emma: A Latter-Day Tale

Emma: A Latter-Day Tale


3 stars

Expected publication: Aug. 13, 2013 by Bonneville/Cedar Fort, Inc.

Jane Austen fan fiction goes Mormon!

This novel follows the plot almost exactly of Austen’s much-loved tale Emma, but with Mormon lingo, doctrine and spirituality. Uplifting and squeaky clean, this book would feel right at home between the “Book of Mormon” and “Pride and Prejudice.”

I’ve read some Austen fan fiction and have been less than impressed with most. This adaptation is an easy, light read – totally predictable, but everyone knows how the original Emma ends, so no biggie. It is a book that I can recommend to my mom or those who are intimidated by Austen’s antiquated language (it does take me a while to get into the rhythm of Austen’s original works). 

But I so wish the author had at least changed all of the names. Emma, Knightley, Mrs. Bates, etc., are all named characters within.  I would have enjoyed trying to figure out who was who instead of having it handed to me on a platter.

Those who are not LDS or Mormon will struggle a bit with the lingo, but this book is so obviously geared toward Mormons, that I wouldn’t worry about audience. 

So if you are LDS (or are familiar with the lingo) and are looking for a good beach read that won't tax your synapses, this is the perfect book.

Thanks to NetGalley and Cedar Fort, Inc. for the opportunity to review this book.

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