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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Mystic Cookbook: The Secret Alchemy of Food

The Mystic Cookbook: The Secret Alchemy of Food

I guess I should have guessed by the title "Mystic Cookbook" that I would be mystified somehow by this volume. But I was caught up in the "Secret Alchemy of Food" bit. I thought this meant some scientific explanations on why comfort food are comforting to us or how turkey makes us sleepy.

No, this book is more of a spiritual and new-age journey into food.
Some quotes:

"When the viable energies of your food interface with the energy flows of your physical form, it allows you to step into a higher level of spiritual frequency."

"If you connect with the living consciousness within your food, its life force will support you."

"Eating fills our base need for sustenance, but at the same time, it can be a gateway for mystical transformations."

"You can indeed share a meal with angels, fairies, spirit guides, or possibly even a deceased loved one."

There is even a guide on how to "see" fairies in nature.

Obviously, I must be a very un-mystical person. I didn't "get" this cookbook. Since I am not a new-age sort of person, I admit that I cannot rate this book appropriately.

But if you are into the mystical side of things, this book would probably be great. The layout is nice, and the photos and pictures lend a ease-of-reading ambiance to the book. But where were the recipes? There were a few - but none that looked easy or something that kids would eat. And they are buried within the chapters, difficult to find if you actually wanted to cook them.

But I thank NetGalley and Hay House Inc., for the chance to walk on the Mystical Side and commune with a different point of view and way of living.

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