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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Elite (The Selection, #2)


(This review contains some mild spoilers.)

I am not pleased with this sequel to The Selection! NOTHING really happens in this book that didn't happen in the first book, and America Singer is in the exact same spot she was in when we left her at the end of Book 1. She just has some extra knowledge about the history of Illea and of its first king.

The only thing that made it semi-bearable was the attacks on the palace.
Those brought some action and excitement to a dull story. But even those got predictable and repetitive. They would come back day after day, write the same message on the walls, destroy stuff, and kill some people, then leave. Hello? Ever hear of increased security? There has to be some purpose to these attacks, which would make a more interesting story - but the author chooses instead to show us what's going on inside the "safe rooms," which is mostly sleeping. Answering the "why" would help stomach the otherwise mindless anarchy.

BUT my biggest complaint was America as a person. What a fickle, whiny, annoying girl!

"Oh, I love Maxon!"
"Oh, he's ignoring me. I think I love Aspen more!"
"I'm done with Maxon forever!"
"I need space, Aspen!"
"I really do love Maxon, I'll fight for him!"

Make up your mind and commit, girl!

Say what you will about Bella in Twilight, but she knew Commitment. She was DECISIVE. She never wavered from Edward. There is nothing more annoying than a wishy-washy character. And to extend it into two books is pure torture.

I am losing interest in this series quickly.

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