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Friday, May 17, 2013

Fix-It and Forget-It 5-Ingredient One-Dish Dinners


Fix-It and Forget-It 5-Ingredient One-Dish Dinners

This was a refreshing and pint-size cookbook from the famed "Fix-It and Forget-It" collection.
Instead of hundreds upon hundreds of recipes to choose from - which can be quite overwhelming - this cute little 50+ page gem has what I want without all the perusing and page shuffling. I own two of those monster volumes - and while sometimes it's fun to recipe surf, most of the time I want a limited number of great recipes to choose from instead of a countless variety that I have to sift through.
I love my slow cooker because it's simple, and I love these recipes because they contain only 5 ingredients (water doesn't count!). How simple is that?? With 3 kiddos, simple = sanity. And most of them actually look like they'd be eaten in my house. Yay!

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