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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Castle in the Window

A Castle in the Window

According to my rating definitions, two stars means "It's OK." And that's what this book was. Just OK.
It has a good message - people with dyslexia are not stupid. They just learn differently and are usually very strong in other areas. The main character in this book is battling with self-esteem issues that accompany the challenges of dyslexia, but she is discovering that she is talented in music.
Now if this were the main focus of the book, that would be fantastic, but the author has added this whole fantasy angle - a castle that she can visit from a bedroom window. And after she is done with the castle, the scene magically morphs into a bedroom of a boy, also gifted with piano, who she connects with. It's all very confusing.
The writing is not very strong, either. When the main character goes from one fantasy world to the next and back home again, I was left going back to read when exactly the switch occurred. The transitions are very muddled.
Luckily, it was a short book and ended positively. Otherwise, I would not have finished it.

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