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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dark Spell



Although this is yet another coming-of-age paranormal/magic/witch story, something about the way it is written makes this admittedly abused subject entirely readable. The lack of romance and love story between Callie and Josh is refreshing in a genre rife with hormones. This absence allows the reader to focus completely on the plot. No swearing, either, which can detract from and undermine the story.
Pacing was quick and well done and full of tension. A little more backstory on Callie and/or Josh would have been helpful.
One of the only gripes I have is the lack of character development. Callie was a bit too flat for my liking. All the reader really learns is that she didn't want all that magic at first, and then - mostly because Josh - she decided magic was cool. I wish that she could have arrived at that conclusion on her own.
I loved her grandmother and her friends/coven. I wish they were used more in the book. And one big question: Why didn't the grandmother use them to help Callie and Josh get Duncan to where he needed to go? That was strange and a lot less risky for Josh.
Usually I don't get excited about setting, but this book was set in Scotland near St. Andrews, an unusual place for a YA novel. It was refreshing to read about a locale I've never really heard of besides the golf.
All told, a solid 4 stars. If it so happens that a second book comes out, I'd probably read it. But this is a stand-alone book.
Thank you Floris Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this ARC!

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