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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Reboot (Reboot #1)


4 stars

365 pages
Published May 7, 2013 by HarperTeen

Finally, a zombie book that's not really a zombie book. It's a fresh new take on a stale subject. In fact, the word "zombies" isn't used in the book (that I can remember). The word "reboot" is used. As in, a body is rebooted after it's turned off. Much like a computer.

In this dystopian world ravaged by KDH virus, people are rising again. Yes, technically they are dead, but the virus reanimates them. The number of minutes the victim was dead equates to how closely they resemble the humans they once were. The lower the number the more "human."

Higher numbers are feared and/or respected for their un-human-ness. And this is where we are introduced to Wren 178. She was dead 178 minutes before she reanimated. She is feared and rightfully so. She, although a petite 5'2" girl, is lethal.

I'm usually not a fan of this type of book - zombies eating people is not on my list of fun things to read, but Amy Tintera turns these dead kids into real people, with feelings and dreams, and turns her book into something other than a zombies-eat-brains book.

The action is fast-paced and gripping. The writing (there is some swearing) had some very witty parts that had me laughing out loud. The characters, if a bit flat, are engaging and well-written. The ending was satisfying and left me wanting more, but not in a crazed, I-must-read-the-next-book-now! sort of way.

I can recommend to anyone who likes or doesn't like zombies, because it really isn't a zombie book, yet has zombies as the main characters.

I will be reading the next in the series.

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