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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Until I Die

Until I Die (Die for Me #2)


4 stars

353 pages

Published May 8, 2012, by HarperCollins Publishers 

 I am so happy! I just read a fantastic sequel! Yay!
I always pick up a sequel with a bit of hesitation because many, many times I am bitterly disappointed in Book #2 or #3 after a wonderful Book #1. (a.k.a. Hunger Games)
In this sequel, we learn more about revenant lore and legend. We meet Violette and Arthur - two revenants from the 16th century who are the "experts" on numa. And Kate is learning how to fight. I love a good fightin' girl.
The focus isn't so much on the looooove between Kate and Vincent - but the goal of making the relationship last.
Pacing was fast. Fight scenes well choreographed and easy to follow. And characters are further fleshed out. Everything a good sequel should have.
I can't wait to pick up #3 in the "Die for Me" series!

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