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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Glad Tidings

Glad Tidings (Here Comes Trouble & There's Something About Christmas)


I've delved into "adult fiction" with this book - a rare occurrence. But there isn't anything offensive - like so many adult fiction books. Little to no swearing and zero sex. In fact, I gave it to my mother-in-law to read after I was done with it on our trip.

For what it is - two sweet, unassuming love stories - this book excels. If you're looking for angst and star-crossed lovers who are constantly faced with obstacles before they can be together, this book is not that. Sometimes, I just was plain, ol' cheese. Just a boy and a girl falling in love - your guaranteed a happy ending - if a bit abrupt.

It's definitely not fine literature, but it never pretends to be. Macomber has made a name for herself for fluffy stories - and this is a great introduction to her style.

This is a good book for every once in a while. I wouldn't be able to read one Macomber book after another. She uses too many of the same devices and formulas in her stories. It would seem like you're reading the same book over and over.

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