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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Deep Blue Secret


4 stars
370 pages
Published July 29, 2011 
This is another teen love story, with elements of the paranormal sprinkled within. It has a good plot, good character development and a decent “obstacle to love” – every good love story has one. This one is the ol’ “boy protector shouldn’t fall in love with protectee,” but of course it happens, and he feels all sorts of guilt and angst about it. Girl needs boy and is annoyed at his sense of duty and reluctance to just let go.
Sounds cheesy, but it somehow works.

Christie Anderson knows how to write a angsty love story and get the reader to really root for the relationship.

I have to admit that the girl is a bit whiny – and the boy a bit too righteous, but like I said before, it works.

I also enjoyed the icky bad guy. I wish there were more of him – though I think that he will be in the next book quite a bit.

Can’t wait to find out, because I will be reading the second book!

Thank you to Mark My Words Publicity for providing this book for review.

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