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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When in Doubt, Add Butter

When in Doubt, Add Butter


2 stars

338 pages
Published July 17th 2012 by St. Martin's Press 

I wasn't a fan of this book - at all. It was too saccharine for my tastes. Harbison tries to grit it up by liberally showering the f-bomb throughout the book. So tacky.

And let's talk about how horrifically predictable it was. I had the entire book laid out from start to finish with the first mention of Mr. Tuesday.

So why did I actually finish the thing - in one day, at that? Hmmm ... Despite all the negative crap contained within those pages, there was something about the writing that caught me and wouldn't let go - like a fly caught on one of those sticky fly tape trap things. It was - I don't want to say addicting - but it sort of was. Harbison definitely has writing talent. She just needs work on her imagination - plot and vocabulary specifically.

I can't honestly recommend this book to my friends because of the bad language. And I probably won't pick up anymore of Harbison's books, either. Life's too short to waste on bad books.

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